Resume for Jakob Stoustrup


1963 Born in Aalborg, Denmark (good to be back). Parents: Henning Stoustrup and Lis Rosenmeyer Stoustrup
1987 I first met Vibeke, my wife
1989 My first daughter Anna was born on November 15
1995 My second daughter Ida was born on December 7
1981 High school degree from Hasseris Gymnasium, Aalborg, Denmark
1987 M.Sc (EE) from Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
Thesis: Almost Disturbance Decoupling in Linear Systems: A Geometric Approach
1988 Participation in PhD program (Danish Research Academy): Discrete Optimization
1989 Visiting student at Eindhoven University, The Netherlands
1989 Participation in PhD program System and Control Theory in Utrecht, The Netherlands
1991 The Ph.D. degree.
Thesis: A State Space H-infinity Approach to Loop Transfer Recovery
1996 Sabbatical. Visiting professor at the Advanced Control Technology Club and the Industrial Control Centre, Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland.
1982-1987 Seven employments as a student teacher at DTU
1987-1988 PhD student at the Mathematical Institute, DTU
Fall 1988 Teaching assistant at the Mathematical Institute, DTU
Spring 1990 Parental leave from the PhD study
Fall 1990 External teacher at the Mathematical Institute, DTU
Spring 1991 Researcher at the Danish Technical Research Council, grant no. 16-4885
1991-1995 Assistant professor at the Mathematical Institute, DTU
1995-1996 Associate professor at the Department of Mathematics, DTU
Since 1997 Professor at the Automation and control, Aalborg University
Since 2006 Director of Research at the Institute of Electronic Systems, Aalborg University

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