Former PhD students of Jakob Stoustrup

Mikael Larsen
January 1997
H Tracking Problems for a Distributed Parameter System
Eric B. Beran
September 1997
Methods for Optimization-based Fixed-Order Control Design

Marc Cromme
May 1998
Nonlinear Dissipative and Set-Stabilizing Control

Mike L. Rank
August 1998
Robust and Optimal Control: Robust Sampled-Data H2 and Fault Detection and Isolation

Klaus Trangbæk
June 2001
Linear Parameter Varying Control of Induction Motors

Anders la Cour-Harbo
August 2002
Robust and Low-Cost Active Sensors by means of Signal Processing Algorithms

Enrique Vidal Sánchez
November 2003
Robust and Fault Tolerant Control of CD-players

Jesper Sandberg Thomsen
August 2004
Advanced Control Methods for Optimization of Arc Welding

Peter Fogh Odgaard
October 2004
Feature Based Control of Compact Disc Players

Tina Rasmussen
November 2004
Mathematical Modeling of Neuro-Vascular Coupling in Rat Cerebellum

Lars Finn Sloth Larsen
January 2006
Model Based Control of Refrigeration Systems

Henrik Vie Christensen
January 2006
Position Detection Based on Intensities of Reflected Infrared Light

Kasper Zinck Østergaard
April 2008
Robust, Gain-Scheduled Control of Wind Turbines

Junping (Aileen) Cai
August 2008
Control of Refrigeration Systems for Trade-off between Energy Consumption and Food Quality Loss

Brian Solberg
August 2008
Optimisation of Marine Boilers using Model-based Multivariable Control

Lars Alminde
February 2009
A Quantised State Systems Approach Towards Declarative Autonomous Control

Mohammad Komareji
September 2009
Efficient Water Supply in HVAC Systems

Zhuang Wu
November 2009
Modeling, Estimation, and Control of Indoor Climate in Livestock Buildings

Honglian Deng
September 2010
Comfort and Energy Optimizing Control of Thermal Systems

Finn Ankersen
September 2011
Guidance, Navigation, Control and Relative Dynamics for Spacecraft Proximity Maneuvers

Fatemeh Tahersima
November 2012
An Integrated Control System for Heating and Indoor Climate Applications

Fabiano Daher Adegas
August 2013
Structured, Gain-Scheduled Control of Wind Turbines

Michael Hansen
August 2013
Model Based Control of Single-Phase Marine Cooling Systems

Kasper Vinther
March 2014
Data-Driven Control of Refrigeration Systems

Benjamin Biegel
November 2014
Distributed Energy Resources in the Liberalized Electricity Markets

Mette Kirschmeyer Petersen
January 2015
Market Integration of Virtual Power Plants

Kresten Kjær Sørensen
May 2015
Model Based Control of Reefer Container Systems

Ehsan Shafiei
June 2015
Control Methods for Energy Management of Refrigeration Systems

Samira Rahnama
August 2015
Integration of Large-scale Intelligent Consumers in Smart Grid